«TIMES & EPOCHS – 2019»

The best of the project

The first festival took place in 2011, presenting the epoch of Ancient Rus which was reenacted again in 2016. In 2017 visitors saw a new interpretation of the Tsardom of Muscovy – epoch the festival had already been devoted to in 2012.

Now the Middle Ages are coming back to the Kolomenskoye Park!

A grand medieval festival of five days, with each day given to a particular century: on June 12 – the 12th century, on June 13 – 13th century, on June 14 – 14th century, on June 15th – 15th century and on June 16th –16th century.

The 5th anniversary edition of the St. George’s Tournament will culminate the fest: it will be an exact reenactment of a medieval tourney one can watch from comfortable modern stands. The knights from all over the world will come to take part in the five-day competition.

We didn’t forget about those who enjoyed the ‘festival in the city’ format and the walks through ‘Times and Epochs’. Some of the best programmes presented in 2017 and 2018 will come back again to the streets and squares of Moscow.

We stick to our tradition to discover new epochs and themes in reenactment each year. Mesoamerica, Muscovy of the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire – that’s what we have in mind. However any of you can suggest an idea or a realization plan for the 2019.

June 8-16
Main idea:
Middle Ages in Kolomenskoye park
Main event:
The St. George’s Tournament
Festival in the city:
Best programmes of 2017 and 2018
New formats:
Historical landings. Impressive historical events in new unusual places
New epochs:
Muscovy of the 15th century, Mesoamerica, the Ottoman Empire