On March 17–19, the Reconference was held — the first meeting of reenactors as a part of the grand convention “Times & Epochs. The Gathering”.

On Saturday, there were 75 prominent reenactors, including the leaders of reenactment trends.

The author of “Times & Epochs” Alexey Ovcharenko presented a new concept of the festival in 2017 and 2018 and told about the methods of fundraising and communication with the authorities. Russian producers presented projects “Loco Cimbali” and “Crimean War: The first assault”, the Norwegian colleagues Ingrid Nielsen and Ricard Akesson outlined the philosophy of the Viking Way festival and Go Viking Hiking project.

Ingrid proposed to collaborate and hold the Reconference in Norway — so it will be! In February, 2018 we’ll gather the leaders of the world reenactment and bring the discussion to the global level.

The participants talked over prospects of the festival format, attraction of youth to the movement, reenactment as tourism, the usage of firearms models.

The contest of historical projects with a prize fund of 160, 000 $ was launched at the Reconference.

The Reconference is a worthy prologue to the “Times & Epochs. The Gathering”. The coordinators and leaders shared their experience and reached strategic arrangements to elaborate venues that will be presented to the guests of the “Times & Epochs” from 1 to 12 June.

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