6 million rubles for 6 historical projects

The second international historical projects contest starts on the 9th of April on the sidelines of the festival “Times&Epochs”.

Everyone can take part and present a historical project aimed at development and popularization of history and ways of sharing the knowledge.
The main criteria: the project should be original, authentic, realizable, well-presented in the information space and with prospects for the future.

All the presentations of your projects are to be made in Russian, no other languages will do.

The finalists of the contest have to be present at the festival for the whole 13 days period.

20 participants will make it to the final and will present their projects to the jury during 13 days of the festival so that the judges could pick out 6 best projects.

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How to get a project up properly?

Who will judge the contest?

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How is the prize paid?
The key-architect of the contest, Alexey Ovcharenko talks about the contest-2017
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