Information for foreign participants of “Times & Epochs. The Gathering”

1st–12th of June

Number of participants:
≈ 6 000

Time frame:
All the epochs are welcomed

Parks, squares, boulevards and other city spaces in Moscow, Russia

Military and civilian reenactors, craftsmen and traders, museums, reenactment associations, societies and people with historical cuisine

Iron Age
Middle Ages
The XVI century
The XVII century
The XVIII century
Napoleonic wars
The Crimean War
The beginning of the XX century

The idea of “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” is an attempt to create a forum, convention for reenactors, a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences. This is more than a festival, it should become an annual exhibition of reenactment achievements, therefore the name of the event is “The Gathering”.

Dear participants, unfortunatelly, we should stop accepting applications to the festival on this week.
The number of participants wishing to attend the festival exceeded our expectations and we have completely exhausted our recourses. We consider all applications and letters that came before 15 of April and close the acceptance of applications after this date. We will be glad to see you on “Times & Epochs” 2018 next edition.

Thank you for understanding.
Sincerely yours, The Organising Committee.

How it will be?

Our convention will last 12 days. During this time, we will hold several festivals in different parts of the city and gather reenactors of various epochs from Antiquity to the XX century. In addition to the reenactment part there will be exhibitions, thematic excursions, conferences and etc.

The most important part of the event will become an opportunity to represent your author’s historical projects to the public.

Participation in  “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” is real historical vacations, discovery of new horizons in the reenactment, cooperation between different countries.

Key features of this year

  • more than 30 historical locations in Moscow;
  • a grand exhibition of reenactment achievements;
  • 12 days of historical holidays;
  • all epochs from all of the world;
  • archeological and living-history lectures and seminars.

There will be made the decisions about the future of many reenactment trends.

We provide

  • official invitation;
  • trip refund or flights to Moscow and back;
  • transfer from/to the airport;
  • luggage clearance support on the Customs Service;
  • accommodation (4 days for free);
  • cultural program: excursions and workshops;
  • water and meals during opening hours of your location;
  • special informal events ;)

Ask for impressions of the previous festivals

  • 2011: “Volundr”, “Amatu gildija”, Scott and Maggie King.
  • 2012: Polish hussars under the command of Mr. Jaroslaw Struczynski.
  • 2013: the Company of St.George, Joram van Essen, Arne Koets, Peter Ellingsen.
  • 2014: Croix de Guerre, Living history society “1914-1921”, Historical Association IR 17 “Kronprinz”.
  • 2015: Ivar Mauritz-Hansen (Norway), Arne Koets (Germany), “Legio X Gemina” (Italy), “Compagnia dell’Orso” (Italy), “AERA” Assosiation (France and Austria), “Omnis Barbaria” (Romania), “Knights of Jerusalem” (Israel), “Birka boys” (Sweden), “Koryvantes” Association of history studies (Greece), “HEI” Historical Education Initiative (Holland).
  • 2016: Birka boys (Sweden), Trondheim vikings (Norway), Mercenary druzjina “Baradj” (Bulgaria), Nordelag (Poland), Compagnia du nord (France), Volundr (Poland), White eagles (Serbia), Ulfhednar (Germany), Jomsvikings (group from different countries), Regnum Hierosolymitanum (Israel), Nortman (Israel).

Schedule of the festival

The program can be changed, please see updates.

  • 1–9 of June. Train arrival, a railway business of the beginning of XX century.
  • 1–12 of June. Napoleonic wars.
  • 1–12 of June. Crimean war and Victorian Era.
  • 2–3 of June. Catherine’s Carousel and soldiers of Peter the Great.
  • 2–4 of June. Middle Ages: Rus and Orda.
  • 8–12 of June. The beginning of the XX century.
  • 8–10 of June. Antiquity.
  • 8–11 of June. Moscow battle. XVII century.
  • 11–12 of June. Iron Age. The first Muscovites.
  • 1–12 of June. The site of historical fencing.
  • 1–11 of June. History boulevard. Competitive projects and all other epochs.

Contact persons

Daria Isaeva, foreign participants coordinator

Ksenia Kozhina, foreign participants coordinator assistant

The other festival resources for participants

Special program for participants

Here is a teaser of the program and other benefits that are being developed for you, reenactors! It will be updated every week.

  • Pop-up museum of reenactment artifacts from post-Soviet Russia.
  • Two centers of attraction for participants. The first one is Tverskoy Boulevard — there will be a fan zone for reenactors. The second is “Podmoskovnaya”, an atmospheric railway station of the beginning of the 20th century. What will be here is still a secret.
  • Trips on a retro-train of the 1940’s in the night subway.
  • Night excursions around the capital on a double-decker bus.
  • Gastronomic map — there will be marked places near the festival grounds, where one can have a cheap and tasty meal.
  • A program that will make shift between locations logical and comfortable.

Share your ideas!

Colleagues-reenactors! Enrich “Times & Epochs” with your initiatives, ideas and projects. For the best ideas we’ll surely find resources. Let’s make this festival together, so that it would become an unprecedented event in the world on the diversity and profundity of content. If something isn’t brought into action this year, you can realize your reenactment dreams next years. We’ll take into consideration all that you send in this application.

F.A.Q. for foreign participants of “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” 2017

1. General rules of staying on the festival site

We hope you will take it with understanding.

  • The participants are obliged to follow the safety rules strictly, in case of creation potentially dangerous situations at the festival, they will bear a personal responsibility;
  • Any unauthorized commercial activity of participants at the time and on the territory of the festival is forbidden (in particular, you can not take pictures of guests for money);
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol during the whole daytime hours of the festival;
  • It is forbidden to light a fire on the ground without pallets and prior approval of the organizers. There have to be a fire extinguisher at every site with fire. You can take it from the organizers.
  • It is forbidden to dig up pillars and holes;
  • After the end of the festival it is necessary to bring the site to a pre-festival view and hand it over to a coordinator.

Thank you in advance!

2. Official invitation

You will receive an official invitation from the festival organizers for visa and customs procedures.

3. Trip or flight refund to Moscow and back

We book a group flight tickets for you by ourselves, using our partners’ airlines or rent a charter. For this we need to know the exact number of participants in your group. After booking we can’t change the number of people. The names of persons, who is going to travel, you can send us later. You can change only names before the festival because we will pay 30% of the sum to an aircompany in advance. But we need you to bring the exact number of your group members to Moscow.

The deadline for sending the names is about 2-3 weeks before the festival.

We provide money refund or prepay. This procedure is discussed with participants individually.

4. Which airline will we use for a round trip?

This information will be provided later.

5. Can we go by bus or by our own car?

Yes, you can, if you are not so far abroad (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, Belarus and so on). We organize provide money refund  or prepay. Such procedure is discussed with participants individually.

If you are going to travel through Belarus, it is necessary to get a double-entry or multiple-entry transit visa. More info you can find on a website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

6. Can we go by train?

Yes, you can. If you are going to travel through Belarus, it is necessary to get a double-entry or multiple-entry transit visa. More info you can find on a website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

7. Do you pay for the transport to the nearest airport/railway station?

Yes, we do, if it is far enough from the nearest airport or railway station, from which you are going to arrive to Moscow.

8. Transfer from/to the airport

We will rent a bus or a minivan, or a taxi for you, depending on the number of your group members and your stuff.

9. Passports

Please, note that your passports should be valid for a period of 6 months minimum after the trip to Russia. Please, verify this info on the website of the Russian Embassy in your country.

In Russia there is a biometric passport system for foreign citizens entering the country. If you have an old standard, but valid passport you can use it too. So you can use both of them: a new standard biometric passport and an old standard passport, if they are valid.

10. Visas

We provide you visa invitations.

We will send you an invitation from our organization. You do not have to pay a consular fee.
You should come to the Embassy to apply for visa with the invitation.

To obtain a visa, a medical insurance policy valid on the territory of the Russian Federation is required. The organizers do not provide this medical insurance policy. There is a number of countries where an applicant applies for a visa only at visa application centers. A visa application fee is collected. The organizers do not pay a visa application fee. We will send you the General information how to apply for visa to the Russian Federation individually with the official invitation.

11. When will we receive an official invitation to start a visa process?

To start a visa process you should send us the copies of all passports and in which cities the participants would like to apply.

To make the process easier you can give our e-mail to your group and ask people to send us this info directly.

Just ask them to write from which group they are in the headline of the letter.

BUT! Don’t pull this process. We do not have much time before the festival.

12. The other payments

We cover your customs payments and payments for your extra luggage.

13. Accommodation

It will be a hotel or a hostel in the central part of Moscow near the park where the festival will be held. We are going to book the accommodation for you by ourselves. We are ready to provide you 4 days/3 nights in a hotel, but if you want to stay more you should pay by yourselves. It is just because you are to work on a location two or three days. The other time you can visit other history locations of the festival, lectures, workshops, excursions arranged by us, places of interest and museums. We also provide you a discount for further accommodation.

14. Food

You will have breakfast in a hotel and two meals during the days of work at your history location. If you stay in the park at night, there will be breakfast on the location. The other days we provide you a discount at some famous expensive Moscow restaurants.

15. Historical camp

If you are going to bring a historical camp with you, it would be great. If you need any building materials, consumables, furniture or any historical or modern stuff and it is not possible to bring it with you or very expensive, you can tell us beforehand and we will try to do our best to produce this or we’ll inform you in case it is not possible. Please, specify all this information in the application form in a special graph.

You can also stay at night in the park during the opening day or go back to your hotel, if you wish.

How much will it cost to bring this camp with you?

We can provide you with such things like tents, tables, benches, hay, wood, etc. Please, specify it also in the application form including the quantity. But you will have to take with you everything concerning historical equipment: flags, arms, sleeping provision, pottery, tableware etc.

16. Limits in age or the number of participants

We have no limits in age of participants. But all of them should wear historical costumes. For now there are limits in the number of participants. This is discussed individually.

17. Smoothbore arms layouts, cold arms layouts and originals

There is no problem, if you would like to take your smoothbore arms layouts, cold arms layouts and originals with you.

We need to know the number of arms, their dimension, weight of each fire and cold arm to decide, how it is better to carry it to Moscow.

You should send us photos of each fire and cold arms from 3 sides: from the top and the sides and their description (size, material, year of production, cost of the weapons). This information is required for the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Russia. We will issue arms on one of your members, better on a group leader. We need a copy of the owner’s passport + home address (a person on which weapons will be issued).

And, please, find out the information about release of arms from your country. Are there any licenses needed and other conditions for release of arms originals or replicas from your country to be observed?

Do you have replicas of arms or some of your arms are original?

18. What if a customs officer blocks the trunk containing your rifles? Will you have a specific authorization for the transportation of these weapons?

We will inform the Customs about the equipment for the festival in advance. We will keep in touch with the Customs and make everything possible to help you in any case.

19. WW1 and WW2 weapons

If you have the WW1 or the WW2 weapons, you do not have to take them with you to Russia as we can provide you with the layouts by ourselves.

20. Gunpowder, gun cartridges and their components

It is forbidden to bring gunpowder, gun cartridges and its components to Russia. We will provide you with it here in Moscow. Please, specify the info about your needs in gunpowder and cartridges in our application form.

21. Artillery

Unfortunately, you cannot rent cannons in Moscow. Now we are going to figure out how it will be possible to bring them to Moscow.

Could you tell us, please, about the approximate сustoms value of the cannons, their measurements and app. weight of its components.

There is an opportunity to bring them the following ways:

  • If we rent a charter flight from your country, then it will be a plane suitable for your needs.
  • The unaccompanied oversized luggage can also be carried by the air carriers.
  • If your luggage is escorted by you, we will need to choose an airline company that could carry such luggage as not every air carrier is ready to convey it.

22. Instruction on packaging and transportation of replicas of rifles, cold arms and all the rest of the equipment

You should pack all your weapons in the container separate from other things.

All replicas of firearms or antique firearms should be taken on board only in containers specially designed for weapons transportation (must meet the requirements of safety and firearms preservation). More info you can find here: on the example of Aeroflot company.

Weapons are transported on the basis of an invitation to participate in a cultural event. We warn the Russian customs service about it. You should find out the conditions of temporary export of replicas of weapons and antique weapons from your country.

We kindly request you, as soon as we inform you about your air carrier, to coordinate your firearms transportation procedure with the airline in advance, but not later than 3 days!

Firearms accepted for transportation must be discharged and packed in the passenger’s container (cases, holsters, special cases, jackets) that must meet the requirements of safety and firearms preservation. More info you can find here: on the example of Aeroflot company.

23. Personal stuff

You do not need to take photos and make a record of each piece of your personal stuff. Personal stuff contains personal belongings, costume elements, etc.

If you just pack your historical costumes in suitcases and take them with you as a common luggage, you don’t need to describe them in details.

24. How can I get the documents on weapons?

You will get a copy of documents on weapons by e-mail. After your landing a special person will meet you in the airport with originals of the documents on your weapons.

You can get a special document on your weapons individually. In this case you need to tell us which weapon we should issue individually.

25. Is it possible for members of our group to leave Russia on different dates?

Yes, it’s possible. Please, specify this in detail for each member in the application form to have everything in one place.

26. The costume set and accessories

If your costumes or accessories are obviously made of the protected animal fur or leather (for example, bearskin caps of the Napoleonic reenactors), it is not a problem. It would be better if you take a purchase bill with you.

Please, send us the photos of these items from 3 sides with the description (size, material, app. year of production/purchase, cost).

27. Where will we be located? All of us at the same place or disposed at different places according to historical periods?

You will be located according to the epochs in parks and boulevards. Reenactors which don’t have their own locations, will be situated on Tverskoy boulevard in the center of Moscow.

28. What do you expect from us? What should we do for the public: demonstrations, parades, etc.?

What do you want to perform? Do you have any suggestions?

You can have a talk with tourists, organize some workshops, demonstrations and other shows.

29. How will the transfers from the accommodation / festival site be carried out? What do we do with our equipment (rifles, flags, etc.)?

We can’t guarantee yet that you will be able to reach your hotel by foot from the festival place. Maybe you will have to use the underground, but you can leave some of your equipment at the location for the next day.

We will provide you with a volunteer to accompany you to the festival place by the underground for the first time. It is not a long distance.

30. Camplife

If you want to leave anything heavy on the location, you can ask about this our coordinator of the location to provide you a storage location.

The site will be secure during your absence. We hire a private security company for these needs, they will be there on the site during day and night time. Also, there will be the Police during the daytime as well. There will be also the special guards from the participants.

31. Leisure program for participants

You will have free time to go sightseeing, visit Moscow museums and so on. You should be on the location about 3 days and it is not necessary to be there for the whole group. Some can go to the museum and some stay at the location. We just need to take a photo of the full team on the first or the last day.

We don’t have a schedule for the tourist-guided tours yet. Now we are putting together your suggestions. Everything will depend on you. Please, think about places and museums you want to visit. We will consider it. Sightseeing Moscow tour will be for free. You can also visit State Borodino Struggle and History Museum, State Historical Museum of Russia, Kremlin, for example, or anything else.

As for today we don’t have any closed event for the leaders of the groups.

32. Schedule of the festival events

We have a schedule of the open days for public (on a festival website). We will send you a detailed schedule when it appears.

33. Application form

You can change the information in the application form if you need any time. You will receive a copy of the application form on your e-mail address.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your attention!

Stay tuned

The festival is so immense and diverse that the program and content are constantly been specified. This site updates every week. Keep an eye on the actual information here and in Facebook.

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