Participants of the ‘Times&Epochs’, who are they?

300 historical reenactment groups in the centre of Moscow. More than 3000 thousand participants from all over the world.

Historical locations will be set up in a few steps from the metro stations. Guests will return to Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, epochs of steam, powder and electricity, aeronautics and space exploration.

That’s what the festival ‘Times and Epochs’ will be like in 2018. Almost like another World Cup, but a historical one. There are fans too - you, dear guests and spectators, and matches and football players, who are called ‘reenactors’.

Who are these reenactors? Actors? Stunt men? Extreme lovers?

The reenactors are those people in historical costumes who meet you at interactive locations. They make the festival time machine work.

Reenactors are not actors. Yes, they are friendly and open, they easily enlighten the guests of the festival, their ‘fans’. But they live and work in the 21th century. They are doctors and soldiers, engineers and builders, teachers and managers.

Reenactment for them is a hobby. They spend their free time and money for that. And it results in real Viking ships one can sail on, siege machines, armoured cars from the October revolution and even planes.

Certainly not each reenactor builds a plane. Moreover, don’t expect all the participants of the Times and Epochs to be alike. On the contrary and that’s what makes it more interesting.

There are ‘living history’ followers, who are interested in achieving as much compliance with history as possible. There are sportsmen fencers, and for them the fight and the feeling of friends’ support is more important. By the way, many of them scrupulously study the manuscripts of the 14th-15th century, learning from the experience of the fencers from the Past.

Since it’s not a knight’s work - to make armour, there are many talented, good craftsmen among them.

Blacksmith’s work, pottery, foundry, weaving and even glassblowing here are not just names. These are the real techniques of the past, recreated nowadays. And they do work!

Come to the craftsmen at the festival, they will show and tell you everything. And maybe even let you try!

Yes, the reenactors are not actors, but one cannot deny the cultural life of the past. They sang songs, played music, visited theatres.

There are a few groups which play medieval music instruments, theatre groups which reenact the performances the way they used to be in the Past.

And finally we would like to give our guests some useful advice.

When coming to a location of the festival set your alarm clock: each reenactor is a very excited person, it’s very interesting to talk to them, to learn something new.

But if you get carried away by talking, there will be no time left for all the locations - and there are 30 of them, and all very special.