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In 2016, the author of “Times & Epochs” Alexei Ovcharenko and General Director of the “Ratobortsy” agency Denis Dyomin received the Mayor’s Prize in the field of tourism — “For the popularization of the historical and cultural heritage of Moscow, the organization and holding of the festival series “Times & Epochs”. This was a worthy completion of the first series of “Times & Epochs.”

“Times & Epochs” became possible due to the fact that in 2011 representatives of the Moscow Government and the Department of Tourism of Moscow believed in the dream of a major historical festival in the capital and supported this risky idea with actions and money.

The whole series is united by the idea of ​​a “portal into the past”. Every year the festival theme changes:

  • 2011. “Times & Epochs. Ancient Russia with your own eyes”.
  • 2012. “Times & Epochs. The Moscow Kingdom”.
  • 2013. “Times & Epochs. Middle Ages”.
  • 2014. “Times & Epochs. 1914/2014”.
  • 2015. “Times & Epochs. Rome”.
  • 2016. “Times & Epochs. The thousand swords battle”.

Because of the huge popularity of the festival, it was decided in 2017 to bring the project to a new level — in scale, duration and diversity. “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” will spread to the whole Moscow and become one of the main events in the world of historical reenactment.

Stay tuned

The festival is so immense and diverse that the program and content are constantly been specified. This site updates every week. Keep an eye on the actual information here and in Facebook.

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