Contacts of coordinators

Dmitry Savchenko

chief curator of participants

Daria Isaeva

coordinator of foreign participants

Ksenia Kozhina

assistant to the foreign participants coordinator

Fedor Spasov

curator of the 17th century location

Pavel Sapozhnikov

assistant curator of the 17th century location

Andrei Volkov

coordinator of the Antiquity location

Grigory Zubenko

coordinator of the the XX century location

Anastasia Ovcharenko

coordinator of the Dyakovo location

Vasiliy Tartyzhov

trade coordinator

+7 915 496-79-54

Natalia Kiseleva

catering coordinator

Segey Rozanov


+7 965 380-41-97

Stay tuned

The festival is so immense and diverse that the program and content are constantly been specified. This site updates every week. Keep an eye on the actual information here and in Facebook.

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