When applying for the competition, the Contestant gives his consent to the processing of its personal data to the Organizers of the project competition at the festival "Times and Epochs" (hereinafter referred to as "Organizers"). Consent concerns the name, sex, date of birth, citizenship, identity document (its series, number, date and place of issue), as well as other information including the place of work and position and the address.

The participant gives his consent to his personal data usage only for organizing his participation in the competition, as well as for the storage of all the data mentioned in electronic files. Also, giving this consent the Participant allows to collect his personal data, store, systematize, update, use it (including the transfer to third parties for the exchange of information), as well as any other actions provided by the present law of the Russian Federation.

The Participant is informed that the Organizers guarantee the processing of his personal data in accordance with the present legislation of the Russian Federation. The validity of this consent is not limited. The consent can be withdrawn at any time by the written application of the Participant.

By giving consent, the Participant confirms that he acts without compulsion, on his own free will.