Contest of projects “Times & Epochs”

Thank you for your interest in the contest of historical projects! Now it's time to close further acceptance of applications, and summarize the preliminary results. Stay tuned for more updates!

A large-scale contest of historical projects is being held in Russia for the first time. Foreign reenactors and historians can participate. Winners will receive money prizes to implement their ideas.

The contest is held in two stages

Please, fill an application form on our web site and send it until 24 April.

On May 1, the expert council will summarize the preliminary results. The best works will be published on the website and participate in the next stage. The rest will return to the authors.

The second stage will be held during the festival “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” on a special location. The Expert Council, thousands of reenactors and hundreds of thousands of citizens will get acquainted with the exhibition.

The winner will be announced in the last days of “Times & Epochs. The Gathering”.

What can be a project?

Anything. A festival, a book, an exhibition, a ship, a castle, a film, a theater production or a lost technology of tiles baking. The description of the project should contain the author’s goals, the methodology and ways for achieving them, the expected results.

A financial plan must be attached to the project. The Expert Council understands that it can’t be detailed and precise, but the authors should have an idea of ​​the necessary resources for the project and write it in the document.

Illustrations, video and visualization are not necessary, but without them it will be more difficult for the experts to understand your intention and the project can lose to those who have thoroughly worked out the presentation.

How will the projects be evaluated?

All projects should carry historical content — reliable and objectively verifiable. You may choose any epoch, the important thing is how accurately and respectfully you tell about the history of your own or foreign country.

No less valuable is the relevance and originality of the idea or approach. Even if you restore technology that has been used for thousands of years, or write a book about a famous event or person — do it the way no one did before you. Experts will understand your idea better if it is well structured and illustrated.

And, of course, your project should be realistic and feasible.

That’s all.

Good luck!

Stay tuned

The festival is so immense and diverse that the program and content are constantly been specified. This site updates every week. Keep an eye on the actual information here and in Facebook.

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