About the Festival

The global scale

“Times & Epochs. The Gathering” is the main historical festival in Russia and one of the largest in the world. It is an exhibition of achievements of the world reenactment. Fighters and traders, musicians and artisans, military engineers and stuntmen from all over the world are bringing their best practices to show the guests.

Brand new content

The “Times & Epochs” series began in 2011. Festivals used to be held in the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye, each year they were devoted to a new historical theme. “Times & Epochs. The Gathering” is a brand new festival. Now this is an unprecedented convention of reenactors representing all the epochs of the world history. For 12 days at 30 sites throughout the Russian capital 6000 reenactors will immerse citizens and tourists in history. The festival of such scope and variety can not be missed. Take vacations and visit Moscow these days!

Participants from all over the world

Since 2011, each “Times & Epochs” have been involving more and more foreigners. Colleagues carry news of the Moscow festival and Russian hospitality all over the world. This year we are waiting for 1000 reenactors from Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Poland, Serbia, USA, Greece, Romania, Latvia, Ireland. This amount and coverage is unprecedented!

Get involved in what’s happening!

The aim of “Times & Epochs” is to involve guests in the festival process. At each site, you can talk with reenactors, learn unusual details from the life of the epoch, learn crafts and games of the past. You can travel to your favorite epochs by yourself or sign up for excursions on the developed routes — then your guides into the past will be specialists. In any case — immersion in history, interesting knowledge and useful experience are guaranteed!

Prospects of the festival

This year we’ll try a new format, and the next year — develop it wider! In addition to the center and parks, we’re going to use unusual spaces — on land, water and even in the air. The next “Times & Epochs” will become the main historical festival in the world!

Stay tuned

The festival is so immense and diverse that the program and content are constantly been specified. This site updates every week. Keep an eye on the actual information here and in Facebook.

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